Bogle the Magic Clown

About Bogle The Magic Clown

17041_404235665110_386996_nChad Bogle a.k.a Bogle the Magic Clown is truly an inspiration as to the saying:

“Do What You Love and You Will Never Have to Work a Day in Your Life” – Marc Anthony

Chad began clowning around back over 20 years ago when he was in highschool. Chad and two of his highschool friends who were all interested in clowning and magic got together to create a company they called Dell’Arte Productions.  They began in busking style downtown Stratford, entertaining the many visitors who came to Stratford every summer.  Their antics began gaining them exposure and parents began hiring them to entertain at birthday parties, along with event organizers hiring them to entertain at events.  

As time went on Chad’s two highschool friends grow up, got married and went on to pursue other careers.  However some would say that Chad suffers from Peter Pan syndrome and he never wanted to leave the job that made him smile, laugh and truly enjoy every moment.  You see when Chad was only 19 years old he learned the lesson that life is precious and we can’t afford to waste a minute of it being unhappy.  That is why Chad dedicates his life to making people laugh and smile.

With over 20 years experience Bogle is the person people call when looking for party entertainment ideas.

When Chad isn’t clowning around you will find him cooking lunch for his Grandmother a long standing tradition he does nearly every day.  Or involved in his volunteer work with special needs children.Take a moment to watch the video below that explains the turning event in Chad’s life that inspired him to purse what makes him happy in life.